Fintep and Aether Financial Services Launch Partnership to Provide Machine Learning and agency advice to IBOR Remediation

Paris, France –  Fintep is pleased to announce its strategic partnership with Aether Financial Services. Fintep’s advanced Artificial Intelligence technology, Lucia, will now be available to Aether Financial Services’ suite of tools. The partnership will bring together Fintep’s highly flexible AI product with Aether Financial Services’ comprehensive financial services expertise in transaction management and agency services.

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The partnership with Fintep will allow Aether Financial Services to assist clients with a product powered by advanced machine learning technology across a multitude of use cases to optimize the management of their agencies and streamline their operations. This will enable Aether Financial Services to help clients process, extract, and analyze textual qualitative data faster, and deliver a seamless transaction/portfolio management solution and workflow that improves efficiencies and delivers value throughout the value chain. 
Edouard Narboux, Founding Partner at Aether Financial Services said:
We are delighted to announce this new strategic partnership with Fintep. We believe AI technologies are at the forefront of digital transformation in capital markets, and we want to be a part of that transformation.  It is at the core of our DNA to provide the best service  to our clients and by combining the know-how and expertise of our agency teams with Fintep’s cutting-edge AI technology, we will be able to deliver an unparalleled value proposition to our clients.
Antonio Garcia, Chief Executive Officer of Fintep added:
We have worked closely with Aether Financial Services to bring our best-in-class AI and agency technology to its diverse list of clients. Aether Financial Services’ expertise is a fantastic complement to our product’s unique capabilities, and we believe this partnership will bring real benefits to our end users. Together, it is a compelling proposition, and we are looking forward to working with Aether Financial Services to bring it to market.
Andres Torrenti, Managing Director at Aether Financial Services added also:
For Aether Financial Services, this partnership is a perfect fit. Fintep’s unique AI-powered platform integrates and extracts beautifully different data sources, and truly unlocks the power to use data to drive enterprise value, increase efficiencies across the value chain, and reduce exposure to operational risk through digitalization.”
About Aether Financial Services:
Aether Financial Services is a leader in post-transactional services, assisting issuers and investors, financial advisors, and lawyers in the valuation, closing management, and administration of debt and M&A documentation. Founded in 2015 to address the growing need for highly specialized agents in international loan and capital markets, Aether Financial Services is a leading independent transaction manager across different asset classes and jurisdictions. To learn more, visit us at, and follow us on LinkedIn
About Fintep: 
Founded in 2017, Fintep plunges into this industry to build and deploy an innovative, next-generation technology software and cloud ecosystem. Our SaaS business model means that we can serve customers effectively, regardless of their size or location; from global financial institutions to community banks and credit unions. Fintep brings deep expertise and an unrivaled range of pre-integrated solutions from transaction banking to lending, and capital markets. With a global footprint and the broadest set of financial software solutions available on the market, Fintep manages more than 5 Trillion USD loans over 32 different jurisdictions including the top 100 banks globally. Visit us at and follow us on LinkedIn