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Here are the unique features of Fintep

Success Factors

  1. Administration

    Central management of security policies, users and groups
    Auditory: events filtered by user, IP, file, app, type and date
    Management of physical and virtual tokens
    Download, approve and distribute updates
  2. Productivity

    Analysis of text content and meta-information
    Machine Learning and Semantic Analysis
    Internal Private Messenger
    It integrates with the current environment, reducing user rejection
  3. Integrity

    All ciphered documents are sealed and immune to virus and other malicious software
  4. Versatility

    Access control using security policies
    Groups hierarchy: according to the company hierarchy, simplifying the initial deployment and inheritance of policies
    Granularity: specialization of policies for selected users, with priority over inherited ones
  5. Availability/Security

    In case of disaster, all documents are quickly recovered
    The protection of files uses the most sophisticated mechanisms of encryption and rights management

  • Share documents and folders with other users via web browser
  • Legal protection: every user must sign an NDA to enter a room
  • Does not require software installation
  • Prevents information leakage and enforces regulatory compliance
  • Three security levels of authentication: physical, virtual and network
  • Serves as an integrated platform to provide amendment data, offer online voting and real-time tracking
  • Release and expiry dates may be set for the amendments
  • Cloud integrated platform w/mobile accessibility
  • Internal Communication Tool and multiple Group Access privileges
  • Save time and effort when creating, processing and repurposing various contracts
  • You can scan amendments for further editing and sharing with your colleagues and partners
  • Meta Information Computational Contracts Linguistic analysis
  • Data Knowledge.
  • Big data to analyze the metrics of different customer shaping behaviors
  • Access to all third-party reference platforms into one single tool
  • Effortlessly compare across companies, or within an industry sector to spot market trends or overlooked anomalies


A non-standardized Corporate Bank Loan contract takes weeks to process and updated on the system. Lawyers or consultancy companies in charge of this process use checklists or spreadsheet templates.

The length of this process is due to the vast amount of papers to read, i.e. 300 pages for a Facility Agreement plus 5 collateral documents for each seniority tranche and relative securities.

Value Proposition: Fintep’s predefined and trained AI Machine will automatically read each deal and extract most relevant meta info for processing.

Computer Vision

Deep Learning


The average Bank Loan lifespan is 5 years. During this period, Middle Office needs to monitor all clauses contained within every single contract including all types of agreements, conditions precedents, utilization, interests and payments. This information will be shared among stakeholders.

Unfortunately, there is not a single and common holistic monitoring system that brings all this together. Amendments, Waivers and Variation Orders are manually processed and again, communication among the stakeholders is carried by email, phone calls and faxes.

Value Proposition: Fintep generates Alerts and pre-defined approvals workflows, providing customized views on each Loan and giving the possibility to access real-time to monitor the loan’s situation.

Workflow Alerts

Amendment Waivers


With a paper-based documentation, it is very difficult to search and extract relevant and useful information within the repository. For instance, you might want to extract all contracts with jurisdiction in a specific Country or industry with interest or yearly yield above a certain number.

Fintep provides auditing capabilities with verifiable data from the source documents and internal crosscheck functionality to read consistency between new contracts and ensure there are no empty loops or pointless references.

Value Proposition: Fintep provides a wide variety of search options to navigate through the whole Loan Book repository.

Market Data Providers

Elastic Search


Time taken to service loans

Less risky loan syndication process as loan positions are viewed and reconciled in real-time

Customer Service

Increased speed of execution

Analytics Filter

Better visibility of operations and exposure by currency/country/industry

Save Time & Money

More efficient Capital allocation

Avoid Manual Input

Error-free straight-through processing

Enhance View

Better reporting & data analysis