What do we do?

End-to-end Solution

Fintep provides an IT platform that automates the whole servicing cycle of each Bank Loan.

Realtime Monitoring

Boost process standards and monitoring: enhance automation and business process management.

Centralized Capabilities

Improve connectivity between different stakeholders and eradicate silo based systems with partial integration capabilities, causing data redundancies, inconsistencies and delaying the overall processing of the loan.

Automated Workflows

Defeat repetitive non-value adding tasks such as manual gathering of data, filling out multiple forms and periodic request of deal documents

Transparency across transactions

Maintain a single and common holistic monitoring system to all participants by providing a single source of truth. Consistent and seamless data deal information.

Superior Insights

Avoid usage of excel based analysis clauses and unnecessary delays in calculating particular risk exposure events. Structure the right loan solution to each client.

One Product for everyone

Fintep is one-stop solution for every level within your orginzation.

  • Closing the Loan

    • Present the status and progress of the Loan.
    • Review Loan Book by Country, Risk, Industry, Agencies and Entity exposure.
    • Present main impacts on Loan Book in terms of efficiencies, reduced time-to-market, agility or increased flexibility.
    • Avoid third party expensive Data Rooms.
  • Portfolio Managment

    • Monitor project execution according to plan, KPIs, review risks and set up correction measures to ensure global objectives fulfillment.
    • Make decisions at project management level and escalate issues if necessary
    • Ensure coordination across work streams and timely participation of all stakeholders
    • Eliminate Lawyer Fees and Internal Costs to run Amendments/ Waiver/Variation Order approvals.

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About us

Inefficiencies in the current corporate lending solutions with manual workflows, poor data quality with paper-based documentation and silo-based systems make the entire lending process more complex and time-consuming. Additionally, declining interest rates and spread have put pressure on banks to automate, incorporate effective process governance, ensure faster processes, enhance operational efficiency and scale up to capitalize on the lending opportunities available.

If banks do not transform their lending system now, they risk losing their business to other more efficient banks and shadow lenders such as institutional investors, P2P lenders and business development companies.

Its time for banks to transform their corporate lending solution to analyze borrowers’ global risk faster and more efficiently; adhere to changing regulatory norms and meet financial needs of all types of organizations from small companies to large multinationals with operations across the globe.

Formed in 2017, Fintep builds and deploys innovative, next-generation technology software and cloud ecosystem. Our SaaS business model means that we can serve customers effectively, regardless of their size or location; from global financial institutions to community banks and credit unions.

Fintep brings deep expertise and an unrivaled range of pre-integrated solutions spanning transaction banking, lending, and capital markets. With a global footprint and the broadest set of financial software solutions available on the market, Fintep manages more than 800 Billion EUR loans over 32 different jurisdictions including the top 100 banks globally.



Take advantage of our powerful data base.


Happy Users

Reliable and certified Software.


Data Points per Loan

Enrich your Portfolio with Fintep Experience.


Cups of coffee

Benefit of more than 200.000 hours of R&D code lines.

Available Plans


Out-of-the-box Amendment management


  • Deal Backlog
  • Mobile
  • Communication Deal Board
  • Security
  • Amendment Voting


Customizable monitoring


  • Reporting & Data Analytics
  • Semantic Reading
  • Real Time Monitor
  • Contract Version
  • Computer Vision


Virtual Data Room


  • Document Repository
  • Document Management
  • Extended User Access Privilege
  • Multitenant Support
  • Drag & Drop all/any document type.

*Per deal per month, billed annually



  • Fintep’s ensured that our syndicated loans caught up with the other asset classes thanks to shorter settlement cycle and more efficient processing. Ultimately, Fintep reduced our exposure to risk, increased our operational margins by 57% and improved our customer service.

    Chief Operating Officer, Global Investment Bank
  • We can now compare covenants across similar deals, capital structures, and filter according different events; this was simply impossible to do it before.

    Managing Director, Portfolio Monitoring, Corporate and Investment Bank
  • It is an interesting and very powerful platform. I haven't seen anything on the market that is nearly as complete as this.

    Senior Analyst, Leveraged Finance, Credit Hedge Fund