EQUITY CURE PROVISIONS during covid-19 times

Should a breach of a financial covenant occur, an equity cure right is a right for the shareholders to invest additional equity or subordinated debt into the Group to cure that breach.

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The standards applicable to equity cures have been loosened in favor of borrowers in recent years. Traditionally, borrowers have had the opportunity to cure a ratio breach, with the cure amount used to notionally reduce total net debt. A stronger position increasingly obtained by borrowers is for the cure amount to be added to EBITDA, flattering to the relevant ratio.

Fintep will help you to answer the following points:
· Timing deadlines for an equity cure being implemented.
· How the cure amount is to be applied?
· Whether there is a requirement to repay debt using any portion of the equity cure amount and whether there is a restriction on “over cures”?
· How the equity cure amount is treated for future financial covenant tests once injected; is the relevant cash required to be retained by the business?
· Restrictions on equity cure rights in terms of quantum and number per financial year or in consecutive testing periods?

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